UH 4.0 is posted December 14th, 2002 10:00pm PDT

At long last, 4.0 is finished. For full details, check the forum on TA Universe. For complete and up to date unit information, check the Arm and Core Unit Guides on this site.

Why is this d/l larger than ever before, when there haven't been any radical changes or tremendous additions since 3.1.8? The biggest difference is that this copy includes version 5e of the Spider Pack from TA-Power. It also includes both BAI and BAI 2K1, plus the Extended Menus and Finite Metal mods. The latest Switch program features support for add-on UFO files and for user-defined switch definitions via external XML files in the Switch folder. Check the Readme.doc for details on the XML file format.

Download UH 4.0 (Switch version, 10.9 MB)
Download UH 4.0 (TA:M version, 10.4 MB)
Download UH 4.0 (Zipped data files, 9.9 MB)

In the near future I also hope to make available an archive of every version of the UH mod ever publicly posted. The latest Switch application already includes definitions for all such versions.

UH 3.1.8 is posted July 18th, 2002 9:30pm PDT

Download UH 3.1.8 (Switch version, 9.42 MB)
Download UH 3.1.8 (TA:M version, 9.36 MB)
Download UH 3.1.8 (Zipped data files, 8.75 MB)

UH 3.1.7 available July 5th, 2002 1:30pm PDT

Until 3.1.8 is finished and posted, UH 3.1.7 is still the standard ... so here's updated links to the various setups on FilePlanet:

Download UH 3.1.7 (Switch version, 9.15 MB)
Download UH 3.1.7 (TA:M version, 9.12 MB)
Download UH 3.1.7 (Zipped data files, 8.45 MB)

Back again, at Planet Annihilation July 4th, 2002 6:00pm PDT

Will PA be the next victim of the BSR Curse, which causes any site that hosts my content to disappear forever? Stay tuned and find out. In the meantime, 3.1.8 is coming soon; hopefully within a week or so. The unit work is done, and all of Silencer's new buildpics are added; now I just need to update the Switch program, rescue my setup scripts from my previous PC, and get some of the grunt work done instead of playing Jedi Outcast non-stop.

As always, the full list of tweaks is never 100% settled until the moment I upload the setup files; however, here's a recap of some of what's planned for 3.1.8:

There may be more, because I'm currently contemplating Halo's rant about Arm's L2 Kbots. Be alert for possible tweaks to the Zeus, Maverick, Fido, and Sniper; and I've also been thinking about the Recluse spider tank lately.

UH 3.1.7 is Posted May 26th, 2002 9:00pm PDT

3.1.7 has a somewhat longer tweak list, so I'm going to cop out and link to this thread on TAU, which includes them all. Highlights include

UH 3.1.6 is Posted April 10th, 2002 10:00pm PDT

Yep, it really is just like old times. 3.1.6 contains only a few small changes. Unlike 3.1.5 (and unlike most past UH "beta" builds), this is a full setup. You should deactivate UH, BAI 2K1, and XM, if you have them installed and active, before running this EXE.