Updated 4/2001

Size:498 KB
Details:This is the infamous "Bloodthirsty AI," still killing people after all this time. It works by providing the AI with several advantages, including:

1. Enhanced resource units, because the AI manages resources poorly.
2. Modified factories, to compensate for the AI's poor build placement.
3. Low-cost Construction Units, so the AI can produce more battle units.
4. Much nastier profiles than BSRAI.

One BAI on Medium (on a map that is good for AI players) can provide a serious challenge for even the most experienced TA player ... one Hard BAI is very, very hard to beat. Rush it, nuke it, do whatever you can to take down a BAI.

Profile:BAI 2K1
Posted:Included with UH 3.1.8
Details:The sequel to BAI, nearly three years later. This version is designed for UH compatibility and has a full set of profiles. It's mean, hateful, cruel, and it wants to kill you.