Updated 7/2002

Some might argue that it's a bit late in TA's lifespan to start accumulating a Links page, but it's a worthwhile project. This is a brief collection of the things I think (for whatever reason) are cool, clever, or otherwise deserving of notice.

TAEC TAEC is the home site of our TA fan group, since grown into a nutty collection of online gaming zealots and the home of the public UH forum in the Discussion section.
TA Universe TA Universe has been kind enough to welcome back the nomadic UHers. TAU is once again host to the forum where most of the dicussion of the UH mod takes place.
TA-Power TA-Power is the home of some very cool third-party units, including the famous Spider Pack. They're by far the unit group most supportive of the mod, posting UH-specific versions of their units.
Phoenix Worx Phoenix Worx is one of two gaming services created by and for fans of TA. Phoenix is also the home of the permanent UBERHACK chatroom, and it's a good place to go looking for games (both UH and OTA).
Pawz FTP Pawz generously hosts a large collection of UH recordings on his FTP site. It's the first and best place to go for demos of the mod.
Alienware Home of the "Little Green Computer," my much-beloved PC. You will indeed pay a little more for their expertise, but you will not regret it.
AI Central AI Central is the home of Quitch, one of the TA community's foremost AI profilers. Quitch's current project is a new version of his infamous Queller AI designed specifically for Überhack TA.
YankSpankers Home of the TA Demo recorder. If you don't have it, go get it.