Updated 4/2002

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App:GAF Dump
Size:49 KB
Details:GAF Dump is a command-line utility designed for the task of extracting individual GAFs from combined GAFs. It can extract to GAF or BMP format, and it supports wild-card options as well as the choice of extracting only 64x64 (build-pic sized) GAFs.

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Details:The Gaffer was one of my first TA projects. At the time, there were only one or two programs that were capable of assembling build pics, but all of them were far too cumbersome and clumsy. I wanted an app that was small, easy to use, and specialized for picking three 64x64 bitmaps and turning them into a build-menu GAF. Even though I downloaded Kinboat's GAF Builder many months ago and use it for general-purpose GAF editing, I still use Gaffer to make build pics, simply because it's faster and easier for that purpose.