Updated 8/2001

Since the beginning of the UH project, we've tried to keep the amount of extra weapon IDs used as small as possible ... creating a new weapon only when no existing Cavedog weapon could quite fulfill the required role. This table is provided as a public service to any other third-party developers who might be curious about UH compatibility:

ID 000No Weapon
ID 001Core Pyro Flamethrower
ID 002Arm Vulcan Cannon
ID 003Arm Thunder Bomb
ID 004Arm Phoenix Bomb
ID 005Core Shadow Bomb
ID 006Core Hurricane Bomb
ID 007Arm Recluse Rocket
ID 008Starburst Missile
ID 009Arm/Core Coax Torpedo
ID 010Arm Lurker Torpedo
ID 011Core Snake Torpedo
ID 012Arm Piranha Torpedo
ID 013Core Shark Torpedo
ID 014Arm Lancet Torpedo
ID 015Core Titan Torpedo
ID 016Arm Peewee/Flash EMG
ID 017Unused
ID 018Arm Brawler EMG
ID 019Arm Sabre Laser
ID 020Arm Commander Laser
ID 021Core Commander Laser
ID 022Arm Commander D-Gun
ID 023Core Commander D-Gun
ID 024Arm Annihilator Laser
ID 025Core Doomsday Laser
ID 026Arm Zeus Lightning
ID 027Atomic Blast
ID 028Small Atomic Blast
ID 029Arm Spider Paralyzer
ID 030Arm Protector Anti-nuke
ID 031Unused
ID 032Core Fortitude Anti-nuke
ID 033Core Level 1 Mine (CC)
ID 034Arm/Core Depthcharge
ID 035Arm/Core Advanced Depthcharge
ID 036Core Level 2 Mine (CC)
ID 037Core Level 3 Mine (CC)
ID 038Arm Pelican AA Missile
ID 039Core Nixer Rocket
ID 040Arm Ambusher Cannon
ID 041Unused
ID 042Arm Flakker Cannon
ID 043Core Cobra Flak Cannon
ID 044Core Toaster Cannon
ID 045Core Dominator Rocket
ID 046Core Morty Cannon
ID 047Core Viper Rocket
ID 048Arm Stingray Laser
ID 049Core Thunderbolt Laser
ID 050Arm Stumpy Cannon
ID 051Core Raider Cannon
ID 052Arm Triton Cannon
ID 053Core Croc Cannon
ID 054Arm Hammer Cannon
ID 055Core Thud Cannon
ID 056Arm Bulldog Cannon
ID 057Core Reaper Flamethrower
ID 058Arm Luger Cannon
ID 059Core Pillager Cannon
ID 060Arm Fido Gauss
ID 061Core Level 4 Mine (CC)
ID 062Core Goliath Cannon
ID 063Arm EMP Explosion
ID 064Arm Crusader Cannon
ID 065Core Enforcer Cannon
ID 066Arm Conqueror Gauss
ID 067Core Executioner Laser
ID 068Arm Millennium Cannon
ID 069Core Warlord Cannon
ID 070Arm Guardian Cannon
ID 071Core Punisher Cannon
ID 072Arm Big Bertha Cannon
ID 073Core Intimidator Cannon
ID 074Core Level 6 Mine (CC)
ID 075Arm Tornado AA Missile
ID 076Core Voodoo AA Missile
ID 077Arm Archer AA Missile (CC)
ID 078Arm Archer AA Missile
ID 079Arm Archer Flak Cannon
ID 080Arm LLT Laser
ID 081Core LLT Laser
ID 082Arm Jeffy Laser
ID 083Arm Zipper EMG
ID 084Core Buzzsaw Cannon
ID 085Core Instigator Laser
ID 086Arm/Core Bomber AA Missile
ID 087Arm/Core Deck Laser
ID 088Core Weasel Laser
ID 089Arm Skeeter Laser
ID 090Core Searcher Laser
ID 091Arm Sentinel Laser
ID 092Core Gaat Laser
ID 093Core Warlord Laser
ID 094Core Can Laser
ID 095Arm Albatross AA Missile
ID 096Arm Tornado AA Missile
ID 097Core Voodoo AA Missile
ID 098Core Typhoon AA Missile
ID 099Exploding Gas Bag
ID 100Arm Jethro AA Missile
ID 101Core Crasher AA Missile
ID 102Core Hydra AA Missile
ID 103Arm Ranger AA Missile
ID 104Arm Samson AA Missile
ID 105Core Slasher AA Missile
ID 106Arm Defender AA Missile
ID 107Core Pulverizer AA Missile
ID 108Arm Freedom AA Missile
ID 109Core Avenger AA Missile
ID 110Medium Unit
ID 111Unused
ID 112Arm Hawk AA Missile
ID 113Core Vamp AA Missile
ID 114Arm Hawk AA Missile
ID 115Core Vamp AA Missile
ID 116Arm Phalanx Flak Cannon
ID 117Arm Scarab Anti-nuke
ID 118Core Hedgehog Anti-nuke
ID 119Unused
ID 120Arm Rocko Rocket
ID 121Core Storm Rocket
ID 122Arm Retaliator Nuclear Missile
ID 123Core Silencer Nuclear Missile
ID 124Arm MERL Rocket
ID 125Unused
ID 126Core Diplomat Rocket
ID 127Unused
ID 128Arm Ranger Rocket
ID 129Unused
ID 130Core Hydra Rocket
ID 131Unused
ID 132Unused
ID 133Core Copperhead Flak Cannon
ID 134Unused
ID 135Core Rapier Rocket
ID 136Core Rapier Cannon
ID 137Unused
ID 138Core Immolator Cannon
ID 139Arm EMP Missile
ID 140Unused
ID 141Arm ATL Torpedo
ID 142Unused
ID 143Arm Defender NS AA Missile (CC)
ID 144Core Neutron Missile
ID 145Arm Scorpion Laser
ID 146Arm Albatross Torpedo
ID 147Core ATL Torpedo
ID 148Core Stinger AA Missile (CC)
ID 149Core Krogoth Laser
ID 150Core Krogoth Gauss
ID 151Core Krogoth Rocket
ID 152Core Typhoon Torpedo
ID 153Arm Anaconda Cannon
ID 154Core Snapper Cannon
ID 155Arm/Core Decoy Commander Explosion
ID 156Arm Pelican Laser
ID 157Unused
ID 158Arm Fibber Weapon (CC)
ID 159Core Gimp Torpedo
ID 160Arm Orion Sniper Rifle
ID 161Arm/Core Deck Laser
ID 162Core Hunter Weapon
ID 163Nuke Range Ring
ID 164Arm Seahawk Torpedo
ID 165Big Bertha Range Ring
ID 166Arm Panther Lightning
ID 167Intimidator Range Ring
ID 168Vulcan Range Ring
ID 169Buzzsaw Range Ring
ID 170Widowmaker Range Ring
ID 171Arm Millennium Cannon
ID 172Core Leveler Cannon
ID 173Stunner/Neutron Range Ring
ID 174Core Sumo Laser
ID 175Arm Penetrator Laser
ID 176Arm Warrior Laser
ID 177Unused
ID 178Core Shredder AA Missile (CC)
ID 179Core Shredder AA Missile (CC)
ID 180Core Shredder Flak Cannon (CC)
ID 181Core Scorpion Laser
ID 182Unused
ID 183Core Leviathan Torpedo
ID 184Arm/Core Light Mine
ID 185Arm/Core Medium Mine
ID 186Arm/Core Heavy Mine
ID 187Arm/Core Sabotage Mine
ID 188Arm Level 5 Mine (CC)
ID 189Arm/Core Nuclear Mine
ID 190Arm Maverick Gauss
ID 191Unused
ID 192Core Gimp Laser
ID 193Arm Albatross Torpedo
ID 194Core Typhoon Torpedo
ID 195Arm Skimmer Laser
ID 196Arm Swatter AA Missile
ID 197Arm Wombat Rocket
ID 198Core Scrubber Laser
ID 199Core Slinger AA Missile
ID 200Small Building
ID 201Medium Building
ID 202Large Building
ID 203Energy Storage Building
ID 204Small Unit
ID 205Big Unit
ID 206Small Building Explosion
ID 207Medium Building Explosion
ID 208Large Building Explosion
ID 209Energy Storage Building Explosion
ID 210Small Unit Reduced
ID 211Big Unit Reduced
ID 212Core Pyro Explosion
ID 213Arm/Core Commander Explosion
ID 214Arm/Core Crawling Bomb Explosion
ID 215Arm/Core Crawling Bomb Small Explosion
ID 216Unused
ID 217Unused
ID 218Unused
ID 219Unused
ID 220Core Widowmaker Cannon
ID 221Unused
ID 222Unused
ID 223Unused
ID 224Unused
ID 225Meteor
ID 226Hail Storm
ID 227Earthquake
ID 228Unused
ID 229Arm Dragonfly Paralyzer
ID 231Unused
ID 232Arm/Core Minelayer Rocket
ID 233Arm Gremlin Gauss
ID 234Arm Fido Cannon
ID 235Core Neutron Mine
ID 236Unused
ID 237Non-firing missile used by mobile AA units
ID 238Arm/Core Decoy Commander Fake D-Gun
ID 239AI Jammer "weapon" (BAI+UH)
ID 240Unused
ID 241Unused
ID 242Arm EMP Mine
ID 243Core Moho Exploiter Rocket
ID 244Core Manta Torpedo
ID 245Burning Tree
ID 246Burning Bush
ID 247Arm/Core Depthcharge Launcher
ID 248Arm Devastator Gatling Gauss Cannon
ID 249Arm Lemming Explosion
ID 250Unused
ID 251Arm Tick Paralyzer
ID 252Core Behemoth Cannon
ID 253AI Nuclear Missile (BAI)
ID 254Arm Pit Bull Gauss
ID 255Arm Centurion Rocket